Monday, October 6, 2014

Meeting Miss Molly and Miss Kelly

Me and Kelly Light

Me and Molly Idle

I have some great friends I've never met. Let me clarify, I've never met them in person. We Skype, Hangout, text, tweet, & message, but have never met face to face. This year has been great for finally meeting some of them in real life. The wonderful thing is, the online friendships flow right into real life seamlessly. I feel like I've known, really known, some of these friends for ages. We just click. I feel so lucky!

Tracy Bishop, Sue Rankin-Pollard, Joy Steuerwald, Me, Kelly Light

I also want to thank Hicklebees for bringing some of these friends to my area so we can spend time together. They've been acting as my social secretary this year.

I also got to meet Mary Engelbreit this summer. You can read about it here.

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  1. Oh bummer bummer! I missed Molly's visit...but I'm SO SO glad you got to see her. And how wonderful it is to see you with all of these amazing friends..great stuff, Laura! Such wonderful pictures!


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