Friday, May 3, 2013


My dog is a hero in his own mind. Bravely facing off squirrels, pigeons, and the occasional pair of ducks (from a safe distance, of course). He is always on the job, unless he's sleeping. He is, in a word, EPIC.

I would have loved to see his reaction to this HUGE wild turkey strolling by the house like a regular neighbor. If he hadn't been so busy sleeping, this baby would have blown his tiny mind!

I need to get these lovelies planted. I can't wait until I have lots of home grown veggies to harvest. Drums fingers impatiently.

I have several projects in process right now, one of which is my first ever embroidery pattern. I hope to have it ready to sell as a downloadable pattern in my Etsy shop sometime this month. Stay tuned.

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