Friday, April 26, 2013

Chicken Talk — Don't fear the white space!

I created this little lady for my new contact page on my soon to be launched new website. It's actually already launched, but I'm waiting for some behind the scenes stuff to be completed.

I knew I wanted needed to have another chicken in my portfolio. It's a thing, right?

Anywhoo, this is my attempt to continue my quest to leave white space in my illustrations. It's soooo difficult! I love to keep things simple, but I still get hung up on the art not feeling finished if there's white space. It's crazy, because I love it when other artists do this. Is there a self help group for this? Hello, my name is Laura and I fear white space.

1 comment:

  1. I liked the Chickens, enjoyed the art, and the white is like the egg, Yoke, is supported by the white till the chicken hatches, without the white there would be no chicken. With out the white there would be no art.
    Black is the absence of all color, and white is the absence of a good idea not yet painted. Imagine a piece of paper a mile wide, lots of white, the idea doesn't have to fill the paper, it fills the imagination,and the white keeps it alive until it hatches.
    Now there is a whole lot of yoke in that. :-}
    Sometimes it just gets away from me.


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