Thursday, October 25, 2012


I think I've mentioned that I'm starting to write my own stories. Well, the whole idea can be paralyzing. A story can go in so many directions! It's almost too much freedom, to be honest. Anyway, all that fear can freeze up the creativity, don't you think? When I sat down to thumbnail out a story I'm working on, I just got stuck. No matter how much I tried, I had nothing. As a way to get myself out of that space, I decided to try thumbnailing a published book I really love, Creepy Carrots, illustrated by Peter Brown. The way it's laid out is genius!

All I did was go through it page by page & drew thumbnails. I learned a lot and it kept me drawing even though I felt stuck. 

I've since thumbnailed two of my own stories and it was so much easier 
than it had been before this exercise.

Try it! You'll be surprised at what you notice as you do this.

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  1. taThis is a great idea, Laura! I love this book, too. It inspired me to draw the other day when I was stuck!


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