Monday, August 13, 2012

Savoring Summer

We're savoring every last bit of summer around here. School starts Thursday (sob). 
We made it to the beach where it was actually warm! Seems like every time I go, it's freezing.

Here's my two boys with my son's friend who calls himself my 'favorite' son. 
He's like part of the family.

We headed down to Buellton to visit family and took a little side trip to Solvang. It's an adorable 'Dutch' town just north of Santa Barbara. It's so cute & full of Dutch treats like Ableskivers & chocolate.

I also got a lot of sketching done on a new project I'm working on. 
Can't show that, but here are a couple of personal sketches I made.

 I miss the days when my kids thought a kiss from Mom would heal all wounds.

Here's a heart shell I found on the beach. I was inspired to photograph it by Kelly Rae Roberts. Check out here blog here. There's a great interview by Dr. Brene Brown (love her!).

 Some great reading I'm currently enjoying:
The new Uppercase Magazine with a section on children's books!

This book is stunning! Simply stunning! You must get your hands on it right away.
It's by Anne Marie Pack and illustrated by the amazing LeUyen Pham! It is drool worthy!

Whew! This is a looong post. Hope you're enjoying your summer. 
I'll be back to blogging more after school starts.

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  1. That's so sweet that you care for your sons' friend like that! I'm sure he's had a great summer, too.

    I've been to Solvang once when I was a kid! It is a cute little town. Didn't try Abelskiver until I was in my twenties, though.


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