Thursday, March 15, 2012

A restful weekend

We headed way up north to Mt. Shasta this past weekend. It is absolutely gorgeous and serene. We went with some friends. So fun. The guys and the kids spent a day skiing, while my friend, Beth, & I went on a death march (she called it a hike). So, so gorgeous. The 'hike' was followed by a pedicure. So glad we did that, because afterwards, I only hurt from the knees up.

Some treasures I collected.
Signs of spring on the way home.
With the goal of pushing my work to the next level, I'm committed to sketch from life on a regular basis. This week I met with Tracy to sketch at Starbucks. Just what I needed. There's a sneak peak at my current project and a recent purchase of 'Children Make Terrible Pets' by Peter Brown. Love it!


  1. SOOO fun! I love the Shasta area :o) We went through there on our honeymoon and ended up chickening out on climbing the mountain. We always say we'll go back one day and conquer it.

    Where is the pedicure picture??

    That book looks hilarious!

  2. It was too cold for a pedicure pic ;) That book is funny, but the next one is called 'You will be my friend' and looks even funnier!


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