Thursday, March 15, 2012

A restful weekend

We headed way up north to Mt. Shasta this past weekend. It is absolutely gorgeous and serene. We went with some friends. So fun. The guys and the kids spent a day skiing, while my friend, Beth, & I went on a death march (she called it a hike). So, so gorgeous. The 'hike' was followed by a pedicure. So glad we did that, because afterwards, I only hurt from the knees up.

Some treasures I collected.
Signs of spring on the way home.
With the goal of pushing my work to the next level, I'm committed to sketch from life on a regular basis. This week I met with Tracy to sketch at Starbucks. Just what I needed. There's a sneak peak at my current project and a recent purchase of 'Children Make Terrible Pets' by Peter Brown. Love it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Racoon and Butterfly

Here's a little sketch I drew the other night. I wanted to try coloring it in Photoshop as you can see below.

I added some collage elements, too. I had fun doing this and I like the softness it has. When a get some more time to play, I'll also paint a version in acrylics.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Collage Portrait: Devon

I made this collage portrait last week for Devon's going away and Griffin's first birthday. Her kids are so adorable, it was an easy project. I added a bird next to Miranda's picture, because her nickname is Bird. Griffin got a worm because boys are all about dirt and worms. Both are drawings taken from my Birds of a Feather collection.

My favorite part of these collage portraits are hidden underneath the paint. Here, I added a vintage sewing pattern and button paper as a nod to Devon's fabric design and love of sewing. The map signifies their moving to Germany (never mind that it's a map of England). You can see more of my collage portraits and order one for yourself here.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


We said goodbye to my friend, Devon, who's moving to Germany this week. I'll miss her, but I'm so excited for her and her family. What an adventure! I hope she finds the time to post all about it on her blog. (Hint, hint).

We had a quick lunch in Willow Glen on Saturday. It has such a cute Main Street feel. It's also the home of my favorite children's bookstore, Hicklebee's. This week they are hosting Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett who are promoting their book, Extra Yarn. Such a clever book! To promote it, Hicklebee's covered this tree in yarn! So fun!

Pop on over to my friend, Bari's, WeLoveFrenchKnots, to see what I'm working on.
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