Monday, February 6, 2012

In the Studio

There's a whole lot of work going on around here, but the walls were starting to close in on me, so I had to clear the decks a bit. I've been on a tear around here sorting and organizing. I can actually walk into my kids rooms in the dark without risking serious bodily injury. It's a good thing.

I have a serious 'putting holes in walls' phobia. It takes me years to get around to hanging up art. As a matter of fact, I still haven't installed the door hardware on my kitchen cabinets. It's been almost 3 years. My goal is to complete that job this month. Anyhoo, I finally hung some of the art that's been propped up around my studio.

Over my bookcase. Love my new Kelly Rae Roberts clock, now if only I could tell time ;) To the right is one of my birdhouse frames like the ones for sale in my Etsy shop. You can get yours here.

Here is a favorite print by my friend, Devon. Her garden and her art are amazing. Below is a piece by Cori Dantini.

And another Kelly Rae Roberts piece.

I have two of these shutters to use for display. Not sure where to put them yet. Don't you love the cute calendar by my friend, Elizabeth Caldwell? They're 50% off now!

Before the big reorg, I took time to have a cuddle with my youngest. Of course, the dog had to get in on the action. This reminds me of the book, 'The Napping House'.

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  1. Congrats on the reorg!! Always refreshing. So flattered to see my print on your wall :o) And yay for putting nails in your walls! I'm going to bug you about your cabinet hardware. ;o)


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