Monday, December 19, 2011

It's beginning to look like Christmas…

It's finally beginning to look like Christmas around here. I've been way behind on my decorating due to deadlines and sickness. Deadlines are met, I'm feeling better, so bring on Christmas! I just wish I had finished my shopping.

This nativity scene, the angels, and the plates all belonged to my grandma. Lladro isn't really my thing, but I love having these reminders of her and her home.

This is the Santa collection that now lives full time in my studio. It helps when I have to create Christmas art in July.

This is the one thing that's still hanging over my head—the bathroom. I so wish i was finished with this already. I've completely lost interest in it, but traipsing up the stairs all the time is getting old, and I have company coming in two days, so I must press on.

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