Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm working on improving my painting skills. I'm not abandoning my color pencils, but I am painting more of the backgrounds and assembling things in Photoshop. I re-discovered a couple of books I already owned (thank goodness) that have been a great inspiration. The above is The adventures of the Dish and the Spoon by Mini Grey (sorry, she doesn't have a website-gasp). I just love everything about this book: the layout, the art, the colors!

 It has a bit of a graphic novel layout as you can see here.

Max's Words written by Kate Banks is another great book. The story is about a boy who wants to collect something and decides it'll be words. This book inspired my son to collect words in a box and 'write' stories with them.

I just love how Boris Kulikov illustrated the words, stories, and collections. So clever!

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  1. These are adorable Laura, I'll have to pick them up from the library! Thx for sharing!

    a : )


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