Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Turtle for a Baby

My brother-in-law loves turtles, so I knew I wanted to make my soon to be niece a stuffed turtle. At the last minute before the baby shower, I managed to (mostly) complete it. I realized that I forgot to put the eyes on it. Oh well. Since it's a gift for a baby, I  opted not to add the felt flower. I used this pattern from Heather Bailey and some of my stash of Full Bloom fabric by Bari.

I spent last week, not only speed remodeling a bathroom, but also cleaning, decluttering, and making this guy. I also whipped out a large curtain panel for the family room. One more to go and that's over, thank goodness. I have some other sewing projects waiting in the wings.


  1. baby No-Name_Yet will LOVE turtles like her daddy! this little baby is sitting next to her changing station :) loves it! thank you!

  2. So glad. I sure hope she has a name when she's born! You still have plenty of time, so don't sweat it.


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