Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grandpa…take off your glasses.

A long time ago, my kids came up with a game called 'Grandpa…take off your glasses!'. My dad is in the habit of lounging on the couch, watching TV  beneath a bay window. The kids (who were much littler then) would say the above phrase. He'd comply, then they would belly flog from the window onto him. It looked incredibly painful, but they all seemed to enjoy it. 'Grandpa…take off your glasses!' became the catch phrase for all sorts of wrestling and shenanigans. My dad has always been a kid at heart and a stirer of you know what.

I remember one infamous cousins sleepover at my parents. I called to check in and my mom said, "Everybody's ok, the paramedics just left. Don't worry, I got pictures". WHAT?! That is not what you expect or want to hear when you call to check on your kids! Gah! Apparently, my dad was chasing the grandkids (five of them) around the house and slipped on a ball. He broke his finger. The paramedics came and suggested he go to the hospital, but he refused until after he finished his pizza. His wedding ring had to be cut off. We have never let him live that one down, let me tell you.

Now, there's a new version of the game only I call it, 'Let's beat up a brother'. They'll never grow up, thank goodness.

Don't you think you should be feeding me right now?


  1. They look cute together. I might try this game with Grandpa and the three kids on the weekend. What are the names of those two kids? Also, I would like to remind you to feed your dog! LOL.

  2. Wow, cool grandpa! I like that "Grandpa... take of your glasses catchphrase." And this post also made me remember of my childhood.


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