Tuesday, August 30, 2011

St. Charles, MO, part 1 & a sneaky peaky

While I was in St. Louis, I had the chance to visit the lovely St. Charles's main street along the Missouri River. I loved it! 

Here's a sign I saw in a bakery there. This would definitely be my oldest son's motto. I may have to print up a sign for him.

The gardens in Missouri are so beautiful! I'd love to recreate this in my yard!

Even the hanging baskets were adorable! I have a few more pictures of the old buildings along the main street for the next post.

Here's a little sneaky peaky of what I'm working on right now.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Stitch in Time

I have become totally hooked on embroidery this summer. I just can't get enough of it! I bought this pattern from Charlotte Lyons right before my vacation. It didn't come with any directions, unfortunately, but I was able to figure everything out by watching diy videos on WeLoveFrenchKnots.com, thank you Bari!

Now that vacation's over I'm busily stitching while waiting in the pick up line for my shiny new high schooler. I actually look forward to this time now.

When I was little, I slept every night on these hand stitched pillow cases. This one was done by my mom. Luckily she still had the set. They're very well 'loved' (tattered) now, but still bring back memories of my childhood.

This one was made by my Great Gramma on my mom's side.

I just love the white details on this one! It's so wonderful to be a part of this generational art form.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chocolate Can Save the World

While visiting family in Springfield, Missouri, we stopped by the Askinosie Chocolate factory and store. My oldest son and I are chocoholics with no plans for recovering, so being able to visit a store dedicated to chocolate was a must. My parents had been there a couple of weeks before, so I already knew how delicious the product was. I have a little jar of Chocolate Hazelnut Spread that I'm doling out in tiny amounts. It's soooooo good, like Nutella, but so much better!

I just love pictures of doors, especially colorful ones!

The factory

Shawn Askinosie was featured in Oprah Magazine as one 14 guys saving the world. He's a former criminal defense lawyer turned chocolatier. He also runs Chocolate University for local kids to teach them about direct trade, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. With his business, he's helping the farmers and the local community. Just another great reason to eat chocolate, as if I needed one. You can see what they're all about in this video:

You can order the chocolate online here. It is so good!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Curtains for Me

I had a great vacation and I have some stuff to share, but I'm not up to sorting through all of the pictures right now, so here's a quick post about my current home dec project — curtains.

I've had this fabric for about a year, but it's one of those huge projects that just seems too overwhelming to start. On our hottest days, I've opted for a 'Shabby Chic' look minus the 'Chic' — sheets taped over the sliders. Classy, right?

I really love this fabric and wish I could find the name of it. It's an indoor/outdoor fabric which is perfect for these south facing, close proximity to the pool location. I knew I wanted a thick, wood rod for the sliders because one of them is about eight feet wide. I got a quote for the rods, finials, and rings from a local home dec fabric place of around $500 for hardware — gulp! Once I stumbled out of the store, I knew I had to come up with a better way. I couldn't find what I wanted online or anywhere, so I improvised. I got the brackets and rod from Home Depot unfinished. The rod is actually for hanging clothes on in a closet and was very cheap! I wanted wood rings, but the cost of buying them and tedium of staining them all was more than I wanted to do, so I borrowed a design from some store bought curtains and added loops to the back of the curtains. Easy peasy. I think all of the hardware came in under $50. Oh yeah!

I'm very pleased with the results, but I still have the big slider set to do :( I'm probably going to make a Roman shade for the garden window out of the same fabric or a solid color that matches, but that can wait.

By the way, our dog was miffed about not going on vacation with us, so he staged his own vacay shot.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Stitches

I'm in St. Louis and am enjoying the beautiful weather we brought with us from California. I've been stitching this lovely little sampler from Charlotte Lyons as we travel around or sit poolside.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grandpa…take off your glasses.

A long time ago, my kids came up with a game called 'Grandpa…take off your glasses!'. My dad is in the habit of lounging on the couch, watching TV  beneath a bay window. The kids (who were much littler then) would say the above phrase. He'd comply, then they would belly flog from the window onto him. It looked incredibly painful, but they all seemed to enjoy it. 'Grandpa…take off your glasses!' became the catch phrase for all sorts of wrestling and shenanigans. My dad has always been a kid at heart and a stirer of you know what.

I remember one infamous cousins sleepover at my parents. I called to check in and my mom said, "Everybody's ok, the paramedics just left. Don't worry, I got pictures". WHAT?! That is not what you expect or want to hear when you call to check on your kids! Gah! Apparently, my dad was chasing the grandkids (five of them) around the house and slipped on a ball. He broke his finger. The paramedics came and suggested he go to the hospital, but he refused until after he finished his pizza. His wedding ring had to be cut off. We have never let him live that one down, let me tell you.

Now, there's a new version of the game only I call it, 'Let's beat up a brother'. They'll never grow up, thank goodness.

Don't you think you should be feeding me right now?
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