Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July fun

My Hubby and his dad ripped out the built in benches and moldy storage boxes from our deck yesterday. The deck needs some rotted boards replaced, the paint stripped off, new stain, and a railing. I sure hope we can get it all done quickly! I can't wait to sit out there and enjoy!

Our neighborhood has a fun parade every 4th of July. A few of the streets create their own floats, kids decorate their bikes, scooters, or wagons, and most people and their dogs walk along. We also had a contingent of motorcycle cops, mounted police, and a fire truck. Many families host breakfast buffets on their front yards. It's so much fun! 

Two of the cul de sacs team up and create a float every year. It's always a hit! One of the guys dresses up in some crazy outfit to go with the them. I think he really topped himself this year. He was Little Miss Firecracker 2011. I could not believe it when I saw him! He really has no shame, thank goodness!

After the parade, the fire truck hoses us all off. They always manage to get the bystanders who thought they were out of range. This is the highlight of the day. How was your Fourth of July?

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  1. What a great photo of everyone getting drenched!! We enjoyed some time at the beach :o) Now just to get somewhat of a night's sleep with all these fire crackers going off...


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