Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sketchbook Tour 2011

Tracy Bishop

Tracy Bishop and I headed up to San Francisco last week to view the 2011 Sketchbook Tour. I forgot to enter one number into my nav system, so we ended up in the design district, right next to an amazing cafe. We had the best potato salad and avocado BLT on foccacio ever!!! Luckily after some searching, we realized our error and made our way to the studio.

 We were a little shocked when we walked into the venue. It was very sterile and we weren't allowed to browse the books. You have to request two and wait to get them. We were so unprepared! It's a good thing that there were two of us to come up with names. We had a hard time remembering more than a few artist's books we wanted to see. Tracy put out a quick call on Twitter to discover some more. If you go — bring a list!

Jannie Ho's Comic Sketchbook

I loved holding these books in my hand and seeing the line work! I was surprised how many pages there were to fill! I followed along as Jannie Ho posted her story, but was still surprised how long it was. What a lot of work! If you missed it, you can read it here.

I'm holding Abigail Halpin's Sketchbook.

 I absolutely love Abigail Halpin's sketches! If I could wave a magic wand, I'd wish for her skills and style. Her book is beautiful!

The beautifully hand lettered sketchbook of Liz Caldwell

 Here's my friend, Liz Caldwell's book. Her hand lettering is amazing! I was in awe! It is such a beautiful book. I remember some of the days she was having as she worked on this book. 

One last visit with my sketchbook

 I just wanted to hold and page through my book one more time. I should have looked at it first, since I was immediately hit with the "I'm not good enough" wave of ickiness. I don't think that feeling goes away, ever! It just lays low until a weak moment appears, then it jumps out to say hi!

I have to admit, I considered not going to the exhibit since I had seen so many books online already, but nothing compares to seeing them up close and personal! They look less perfect, but so much more beautiful in person.

It was a great day! Go see them if you have a chance, but don't forget to bring a list!

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  1. So cool that you were able to check out the sketchbooks! I never even finished mine... Try not to compare yourself with others, the art you make is all YOU and that is what makes it perfect! :)


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