Thursday, May 26, 2011

An open letter to Oprah

Photo from the UK Telegraph
With the end of the Oprah show, I find myself looking back at what that show has meant to me in my life. I've been watching since the very first show. I was a big Donahue fan, so I was skeptical when Oprah came along, but I became an immediate fan. When she started doing more meaningful programing, I was a fan for life. I watched her show through major life stuff like college, marriage, divorce, marriage again, pregnancy, raising my kids, all the while quietly nurturing my dreams. I took her example to heart by working on becoming a better person (still a major work-in-progress). Her mantra "Live your Best Life" became my mantra. I thrive on learning and she has been one of my greatest teachers. Do I always agree with her?—No, not always, but that’s ok. I take what speaks to me and leave the rest.

I've always had this feeling burning inside of me that I'm destined for great things. It's so faint right now, that I'm not sure it's even there, but I have faith. I'm not even sure what these 'great things' are. Maybe it's the raising of my boys, maybe it has to do with my art, or perhaps it's something I haven't even dreamed of yet. I trust it will come if I keep plugging along and being open.

I always strive to lean towards the positive and toward possibility and I thank Oprah for being the champion of this. For setting an example and giving us the tools. For constantly reminding us of what's possible. Of the importance of being open to all that life has to offer. Of the gift of service to others. Her legacy is huge and far-reaching and I can't wait to see what's next!

Thank you, Oprah for being your true authentic self and giving us the mandate to be our own true selves, too. I’ll miss the show and I’ll be watching for what’s next.

P.S. I've been watching her Behind the Scenes show and I love it. I love seeing great people doing great work. Doing their absolute best. Is anyone else concerned about what they’ll all be doing now that the show’s over? Where do you go after you’ve had the best job in TV?

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  1. Great post for a great woman. I agree with you about Oprah. I'm really going to miss her. I'll never forget the experience of being in the audience at a taping of her show.


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