Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring gardening

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to post. My sketches can't be shared just yet and my Nikon lens is in the shop. I should have it back in about a week. It'll be so nice to have focused pictures again!

I'm really anxious to get my veggies in the ground. I'm running late, as usual. Just waiting for the gardner to remove those roses, then it's show time. These tomato cages are so colorful! I think I'll splurge on a couple to jazz up the backyard. It needs a lot of help.

My irises are almost ready to bloom. Really hoping my lens is back in time! Here's a pic from last year.

My boys both got glasses this week. They're so excited 'seeing' in high definition now. I'm still waiting for my new glasses and contacts to come in. I hadn't realized how bad my eyes had gotten in the four years since my last exam. I can actually wear their glasses with my contacts in and see perfectly! I can't wait till my new ones come. I'm tired of everything being blurry.

Here they are with a glasses wearing friend.

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