Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peaking in to say Hello and some Randomness

Right now I'm watching this painting class by Will Terry and I'm learning so much!!! Major revelation for me in the first 15 minutes of Part One. Check it out! I'm thinking of purchasing his How to Illustrate Children's Books title also. I absolutely love his artwork! He was also kind enough to answer a question of mine via a video podcast.

I am in love with these two paintings I picked up at HomeGoods yesterday. I've been on the lookout for a good poppy painting for years and at $50, this one was in my price range.

Today my friend Andi Butler shared a link to this post on Decor8 about the popularity of bike inspired art and fashion. Imagine that! I'm on trend.

I bought this plant last year. Loving it! I need to remember what the heck it is and get a few more.I'm still dreaming of overhauling my tired, overgrown landscaping, but with collapsing fences and other not so fun things to pay for, it'll have to wait for the time being. I may, however, rip out some ugly rose bushes and replace them with a vegetable garden for this year.


  1. I did Will's painting class too. It is one of the best investments I made. I am glad you are learning so much too. It really boosted my confidence and I found myself feeling more free to explore my style with just a few simple and favorite tools.

  2. Love the bike painting! Very cool. I need to paint you some poppies (used to be one of my favorite subjects) - we can do a trade :o) And that lovely plant is a euphorbia...drought tolerant, gorgeous year round, quirky and hard to kill. I have a few and love them too - perfect for our climate.

  3. Jennifer--I'm enjoying it!

    Devon--YES! Definitely. I think you'll be too busy for awhile, tho ;)


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