Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Whole Shebang & some sketches

I'm really excited that Kelly Rae Roberts is offering here ebook for a special one day only price of $89 (regularly $140)!! I had wanted to take her class when she taught it last year, but couldn't fit it in. Luckily, she later offered it as an ebook, so I bought it and read it last summer. I'm always interested in how successful people became successful and this book delivered on that. My goal is to implement more of her suggestions this year. 

If you've been thinking about buying it, today is the day! Click the button on the left to order. (This is an affiliate link).

Here are a couple more Sketchbook pages. I feel like I'm running out of steam with this lately, but it has meant so much to me creatively. My sketching has improved with this regular practice. 

It's been fun to treat this space as a finished product. Instead of freezing me up, it's had the opposite effect. I haven't sketched like this in ages! Most of my sketches in the past have been created for the sole purpose of filling my portfolio or completing a job. This has been just for fun with the bonus of feeding my portfolio.

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  1. Your sketchbook pages look lovely! I agree, towards the end I really ran out of steam too. It's definitely been a labor of love. I am almost sad to see it be mailed off (this week!). It got me through some stressful times these past 6 months :)


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