Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sketchbook Project — Finale

It was a big relief to finally get this project completed and mailed out. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to scan the cover. Seriously. It was a collaged bird with the title in a speech bubble. You would have loved it, trust me. Here I sit, red in the face. I can't believe I forgot. Sheesh.


  1. I love your illustration style. I have an award to share with you! Please visit my blog, where you may claim it and share with your new blogging friends!

  2. Funny you say that because I ALMOST forgot to scan and even design the cover. Nothing as cute as what you did so now I am super excited to see it! I LOVE the way you ended your book - so sweet!! Love the type, too! =)

  3. WOW this is fantastic! You did a great job. Love the skunk a post of two back lol

  4. Hi Laura~ I like your style! So I am passing on the "Stylish Blogger Award" to you. You can collect it off my site if you'd like. Have a great day!


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