Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Sketchbook Project & PJs Galore

 My sketches are going back to doodles at this point. I don't mind. For this entire project, I've just drawn what I felt like at the time. I'm just enjoying the simple act of putting pencil to paper. My goal is to continue this practice after this project is complete.

Everyone got pajamas for Christmas except for my husband. He didn't want any, go figure. I was able to use my mom's serger, until the blades came loose. I then had to set up shop in my bedroom on a tv tray. It took a couple of late nights, but I did it! 

Here's my youngest sporting his latest do—the Faux Hawk. I had to make his top twice because the pattern sizing was way off. He'd still like this to be longer, but I'm done for now. You can see a little bit of my psychedelic pjs behind his chair. I love these!!! I never want to take the off. They're the warmest clothes I own.

It's almost impossible to get my boys to model clothes at this point. I had to sneak this shot. A mama does what she has to to get the job done. After I made them, I realized that they look a little bit like Star Trek Next Generation. I swear that was an accident ;-)

Even the dog got pajamas. He's always shivering so he needed some! Here he is in his Toy Story bean bag chair over the heating vent. He's been there all morning. Tough life.


  1. PJs are so delightful! Your husband must be regretting that choice. That left page with the paths and the leaves on your sketchbook is wigging me out. I have one super similar in my sketchbook project too! Love the whimsy ;)

  2. Wow, sketchbook project is nearly over!? That confirms to me I would have had difficulty keeping up with it. Hope this year is SUPER successful for you Laura!! :o)


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