Monday, January 31, 2011

Goal Setting

I've been working on goal setting since after Christmas. I'm way behind due to several deadlines and a child who's been getting a biweekly fever, it's been quite a challenge. I really felt that I needed to do more than just write a list of goals. I needed to carefully and intentionally develop those goals to really be able to internalize them. My word for 2011 is Intention. Everything I do this year is being held up to that word. My hope is to create more focus and intention around my business and my life.

I've had the book, The Creative Entrepeneur by Lisa Sonora Beam, for about a year now without doing more than flipping through the beautiful pages. Now I'm working my way through. I bought a moleskin in which to create my very own intentional business plan. Collaging and painting it is taking longer than I like, but I have been following the writing prompts in the book. I'll add them into the book later. I also signed up for a local creative business group that is holding monthly meetings to work together on this same book. My goal is to have a beautiful business plan that I can refer to. It's also become a great way to create without preplanning. I just glue whatever paper is nearby, then slap some paint on it. I'm not getting hung up on how it 'should' look. It's pure fun!

I also purchased the Goddess Guidebook and I'm loving it! I'm really not the new age, goddessy type, but this ebook rocks! It's really gotten me thinking. You can see a couple of pages peaking out of that adorable file folder that I just had to buy. Big dreams and plans deserve a pretty folder, don't you think?

How are you setting your goals this year?

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  1. Laura..first of all..a huge congratulations on finishing your sketchbook! It look super so far and I'll look forward to seeing it when it gets to the city! As for this wonderful just read my mind. I'm all over the place at the beginning of February and I need to buckle down and start a plan. You already are well on your way and I know you will achieve your goals. I know you will have fun doing so and reflect upon this time when the possibilities were wide open. Good luck to you! Now I need to get out and buy a moleskin asap! : )

  2. I've had that book for a while, too and keep meaning to actually work through it. I wonder if there are any groups around here - what a great idea! Let's both rock 2011!

  3. I have the same book and it sits on my shelf. I think you've inspired me to take another look and "intentionally" work my way through it too! Thanks! : )

    My word for 2011 is hope. I've lost my hope in the past few years and this is the year I get it back.


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