Friday, December 31, 2010

Second try at digital painting in Photoshop

2010 has been a year of experimenting for me and it's been a real struggle. I know it's necessary, but I miss knowing exactly how to solve a given illustration problem. I can still do it like I used to, but I feel I'm moving in a new direction with my work. I am enjoying the ride for the most part, though.

I 'm working on a snowman collection and this guy is one of the sketches. I thought a snowman would be a simple subject for trying out digital painting. I tend to jump right into a BIG project before I've experimented on a smaller scale. Overall, I'm happy with this guy, though I still feel the pull to try again with paint and color pencil. I just realized that I forgot his scarf!

I'm afraid this new digital direction is going to cost me some serious money if I'm not careful. Can you say CS5 and Cintiq? Yikes!

I want to thank all of you who read this blog from the bottom of my heart! Your comments help fuel my creativity and hope. I have a lot planned for 2011 and hope to share it with you here in this space. Happy New Year!!!


  1. They say that the goal of digital painting is to not make it look digital. I think you've got that in spades! Nice job.

  2. Very fun. What a great look.
    Did you do it using just brushes or did you add a texture to it as well?

  3. Thanks Christina!

    Bob--I wish I knew ;) I used brushes only, but I'm really not sure how I got that texture on the snow & background. I am VERY new at this.

  4. I really love it that even though you did this in Photoshop it still looks like all of your other paintings. That's a super-hard thing to do. It's so great that you're versatile and can finish your paintings in multiple ways depending on how you feel :-)

  5. Laura... beautiful work as usual. I'm gearing up to improve my PS skills as well. Do you really think you need to upgrade to PCS5 ? I'm still using CS3 & using a Bamboo tablet. Regardless... I always love looking at your work. Here's to us both improving our skill set in 2011


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