Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sketchbook Project — The Mummy & Some Tea

I am so happy that I joined the Sketchbook Project! It's really helping me with the practice and pure enjoyment of drawing! It was the best decision.

I'm loving this little mummy guy and his cat!

I'm a hardcore iced tea drinker even when it's freezing outside. No wonder I'm always cold! I do like hot tea, but I rarely drink it. It's just not as satisfying as iced tea. I like it black with a touch of lemon and absolutely no sugar or sweetener of any kid. I run from herbal teas!


  1. I love this super cute mummy boy!!!!

  2. Love the sketch of the boy and the cat!!
    The teas are good too, but alas I am a coffee that's a drink ;D

  3. Really fun drawings! Really like the mummy cat and the tea bags would look great licensed on something.


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