Monday, October 25, 2010

From sketchbook to finished art

This piece is part of what I'm calling my Boy Series. My son pointed out to me that I'm always drawing girls, so I've made it a point to draw more boys this year. My Racing Boy is another one from this series.

This is the sketch from my Sketchbook Project.

This was the perfect piece to experiment more with these matte acrylic paints from my friend Tracy Bishop. They're Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours. They have a nice tooth to them when they're dry. It's a great surface for my color pencils.

For the boy, the dog, and the boat, I worked as I usually do on toned paper with Caran d'Ache watercolor pencils. I painted in the blue around the boat so that I could get the glow around them just right. This also made it much easier to assemble everything in Photoshop without having to create an accurate clipping path around the image. I saved a lot of time this way and it looks more natural.

Here's what the water looked like before I colored over it. I wanted more punch to the color, so I ended up using Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Watersoluble crayons. I used them over the entire background. In the sky, I used a damp brush to blend the colors for a smooth look. For the water I left them dry.


  1. Its lovely, Laura. The water has such a mystic quality to it... Very charming. :)

  2. It has such a nice moonlit glow - beautiful job! I can definitely see this as part of a story or a series.

  3. Thanks so much everyone! It's a new process for me, but so much more efficient and I like the results so much!

  4. I'm experimenting w/ my SBP sketches too! Thanks for sharing your process! The watercolor pencils and inks look yummy-so many lovely colors!

  5. looks lovely Laura! And great to see your process.

    I ldon't always remember to take photos along the way, but just shared one on my blog where I did! :)


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