Thursday, September 30, 2010

Parenting Miracles and other Amazing Tidbits

 My son cleaned off his desk the other day and the dog discovered a new look out post from which to observe his kingdom. He's very busy making sure no birds or squirrels invade. He's not very effective, since he's afraid of these critters.

When he stands on two legs, he reminds me of King Julian from Madagascar. I'm waiting for him to shake his booty ;-)

It's such a new and wonderful thing when a child of mine, especially this one, sits down and works on his homework without any begging, bribing, or crying. (Yes, I admit, I've cried a lot over this subject.)

And look at this! Be still my heart! A boy enjoying a book without being forced to read said book? It's such a rare occurrence, that I had to document it for posterity. He's reading his new favorite series by Jarrett J. Krosoczka called Lunch Lady.

I love this painting about hope and change. It's now hanging in my family room.

I'm re-photographing some of the things in my shop. In addition, I'm now printing on a beautiful paper from Epson. Yum! Why didn't I do this before?

I am loving this photo from a semi custom collage portrait client of the collage I made for her!

Speaking of paintings, I fell in love with this shiny red cabinet. It's over 8' long and looks like a collage! I have the perfect spot for it! Of course, I'd have to repaint the 16' high red wall to match the other walls, and I'd have to save up some serious money. It's almost $2000! Maybe no one else will want it and they'll slash the price 75%. It could happen, right? Now, how do I get Hubby to repaint the wall?

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