Friday, September 10, 2010

'New' Old Work and an Interview

I've been experimenting a lot around here. Mostly with so-so results. I'm still feeling very much in flux. Nothing feels right or comfortable. It's a bit unsettling after so many years of knowing just what to do, but even that doesn't feel quite right. This illustration has had so many iterations, one of which you can see here.

I'm revamping my children's book portfolio for an SCBWI conference tomorrow. I worked for a couple of weeks on something I've had in my head for years. I'm not loving it. Such a disappointment, but that's how it goes. I'm letting it go for now. Now what? I still need new work for the portfolio! I started trolling older art that was ok, but not quite there. I revamped a couple of things. See the Crickets here (I've changed them 3 times since I first posted them). Oh my, I think they're actually grasshoppers. Brain's on overload!

Anyhoo—I gave this guy a new car, but he needed a background. I came up with an idea I love, but stumbled upon this idea this morning. I'm liking it. Who knows what I'll think tomorrow, but for today, I'm happy!

I was interviewed by Alyice Edrich over on


  1. Loved your interview and finally discovering how 'exactly' you create your wonderful illustrations.

    Sorry to hear you are in a state of flux. Good luck finding your resolution.

  2. Thanks Jennifer! The flux will lead to something good, I'm sure.

  3. I completely understand the uneasiness in experimenting. I admire that you're following through though. It's hard when we step outside out boxes.


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