Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun Times at the Festival

Our annual church Festival was last weekend. This is a picture of my kids being tossed around like lettuce in a salad spinner. I'm told this is great fun.

Apparently, fun can only be had by being upside and flying high.


  1. The ride in your first pic I went on every year as a teenager when the fair came into town - it was called the zipper, and I always pretended to be excited about when really I totally dreaded it! You could never get me on that thing today. However, the shots of your boys jumping - are they on a trampoline of sorts? That looks like nutty fun!

  2. The kids tried to talk me onto that ride. No way! My then 8yo was on it last year and ended up stuck upside down with his head resting on the ceiling. He loved it! Not me!


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