Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekending with a Sketchbook

We went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk yesterday, though these pics are from a week ago.

I had the distinct pleasure of watching everybody else ride on the rides, but I took advantage of my me time and broke out the moleskin. I walked around and sketched. Fun! 

I was encouraged by this blog post written by my Twitter friend Elizabeth Caldwell.

You can see I immortalized her on page 11. I'm not happy with the quality of these sketches, but I am happy with the act of sketching. I really need to play more. I was just scribbling and it felt great! I'm recording my life in this book and sometimes it, like the sketches, is not pretty. 

I just picked up Drawing Lab and I can't wait to play with it. I'm also revisiting The Creative Life by Danny Gregory.

When I checked in on my oldest son the other night, I found this wonderful drawing. I love the action, storytelling, and personality in these drawings. I want to draw like this when I grow up! Ironically, the next day he had a project where he had to draw people and he wanted me to show him how. I told him to just draw more of these guys, but he refused. Go figure.

My other son has been in a creative frenzy with duct tape, pvc pipe, and felt. 
Here's his new tricked out Nerf gun.

I love this shot of the Bean Bag people. Even the dog has one.


  1. Love your pages! And don't you just love that Liz, too? She's one of my new favorite people on twitter! Such a sweet person!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Great sketches! Great inspiration for me ;) And love the pics from Santa Cruz, I want to move there some day!

  3. great sketches.
    Duct tape is the greatest invention in life- it is one of the things that you can count on to really work lol.
    Like the bean bag family seats :)

  4. Oh hunny I am having a horrible day and you just turned that around when I read this! I'm all emotional! It means so much to me that I inspired you and you mentioned me in your moleskin!!! What an honor! I feel truly blessed to have found you! (I'm gonna stop now before I cry) And I LOVE what you did!! I love the free strokes and the storytelling you did with your sketches - I can tell it was fun for you. I'm so glad I talked you into this =) ((HUGS))

    PS Thx Sara you are a sweetie too! =)

  5. Thanks for all of your comments! I'm really fighting making my sketchbook into a monster project. Trying to keep it fun.

    Sara--I agree about Liz:)

    Clip--I'm amazed at all of the uses for duct tape.

  6. lovely sketches, and thanks for the link to Liz's post - very inspiring. it's so hard not to have the fear of the blank page. I have just ordered my sketchbook and am already fretting! but I'm stopping that now... :-)

  7. I loved your Post! Your drawings are so wonderful. You have fabulous Line work. Very inspiring. My boys are so similar to yours. My oldest was always using paper towel or toilet paper rolls & whatever else he could find, plus tape, lots of tape of every kind, to build his inventions. He is now in High School wanting to be an Engineer/ Inventor. My younger son always doodling, always war scenes or dinosaurs. Thanks for sharing made me :)


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