Monday, August 23, 2010

Sketchbook Project

I finally got up my nerve to do something with my sketchbook, for the Sketchbook Project. I've had this thing for weeks! This sketchbook is supposed to allow me to play, but I freeze up every time I pick it up. This spread is actually on pages 6-7. Don't ask what happened to page 1-5!

This is as far as I could get on the first page. You can just see the bad sketch of my dog on the next page.


  1. Good start Laura! Such a cute image! Trust fill that first page and it gets easier. Do it girl! xxoo

  2. I agree, great start! It reminds me of these little kissing angel statues my grandmother used to have. I'm totally stuck on my first double-pager... it's almost done, but not quite there!

    I can't wait to see what else you put in your sketchbook! You are VERY talented!

  3. Looks good Laura! I have mine sitting on my desk staring at me lol :p

  4. ha ha! My sketchbook is still laying empty in my illustration nook. Just lamenting how I really need to do something with it. Suddenly feeling a little unqualified when seeing what my friends are doing with theirs!

  5. Thanks for the commiserating & encouragement everyone. Other people's sketchbooks are so good it stops me cold. Trying not to look too much. Get drawing everyone!

  6. Good luck with your sketchbook! And I also thought I was the only one who let it laying around, I know exactly what you mean!!

    SUCCESS!! :)


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