Monday, May 24, 2010

House Painting & Business Goals

After a short hiatus in house painting, I realize I couldn't avoid it any longer. The kids bathroom has had swatches on the dirty, oddly patched walls for months. I was inspired by Melissa of The Inspired Room to just go for it. I had been waiting until I had the time, but she posted that you should just start, even if you can only work on it a little at a time. I took her advice. My curtain fabric for the kitchen/family room and the master should arrive this week, so I jumped into this painting project to clear it out of the way before fabric/sewing chaos takes over. Oh see my painted toes? They have yet to see the light of day because it has been unusually cold around here:(

Here's the before pic. The cost of this makeover is free because I'm using paint I already have. I think the window treatment will be out of remade roman shades from my old house. Not sure yet. I will eventually replace the light fixture the vanity, the counter, and the sink.

I've been so overwhelmed with all the projects, both home repair and launching my licensing business that I talked it over with my husband, the project manager. He keeps advising me to do one thing at a time and to block out the rest for now. It's working on the home repair stuff, the business side is still a huge challenge.

By the way, this house came equipped with fluorescent lightbulbs everywhere. I've been replacing them one by one with GE Reveal bulbs. I just can't stand fluorescents. I've tried all different kinds, but they're all ugly. Have you found one that isn't?

Here are the yummy fabrics I'm waiting for. The chocolate on the left will be in my kitchen, nook, and family room. It's indoor/outdoor, so I think it will withstand the kids and swimmers. The one on the right is for the master bed and bath.


  1. Can't stand flourescents either. They give me ocular migraines!!!!! OUCH!
    Your fabrics are fantastic. Where did you find them?

  2. Thanks! I got them from Calico Corners. They have great fabrics!


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