Thursday, February 18, 2010

We're completely cut off from the world!


Sorry I've completely disappeared lately, but we moved and have no internet, tv, or phone. Thank you AT&T! You're so not cutting it these days.

We're enjoying our new home, mess and all. I'm slowly digging us out from under all the boxes. It may be June before I get through it all. Loving my new kitchen, but it's a challenge to downsize to about half of what I had. It's cozy, though.

My youngest is home sick with bronchitis. Poor guy. I had it a little, too. Being sick is bad enough, but without tv and internet it just plain SUCKS! We're at Starbucks checking email. I miss my Tweeps and blogs.

The weather has been beautiful! 70 degrees and sunny. Blossoms on the trees. It looking a lot like spring.

I hoped to back soon. Maybe if I call AT&T everyday to complain, they'll get their act together.
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