Friday, September 11, 2009

In My Studio

A week ago, I went on a trek to Ikea. Love that place. A friend and I spent 3 hours, shopping, looking, and dreaming there. So much fun! It's my idea of a candy store.

My studio is usually in a state of chaos. It's a loft space upstairs with no closet, so I have almost no storage. I have a "Grand Plan", but so far no funds to back it up, so I muddle along dreaming of how it will be "Someday".

Recently, I began to collage. Those of you who do this know how many bits and pieces you collect to collage with. I actually avoided collage for awhile because I knew where it would lead. I'm so glad I finally gave in because I love it! Above you can see the solution. It's a handy set of drawers in which I can store all my papers, bottles, paints, brushes, and sparkly bits. I love it! Now I actually have a work space on my drawing board and I can find what I need easily. Thank you Ikea! Luckily, mine came with all the screws. Carol wasn't so lucky as you can read here.

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