Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gadget Bugs—Firefly

Fireflies, or Lightening Bugs which we used to call them, are my favorite bug. I didn't realize I had a favorite bug, but I do. They're like little bits of magic flying around. This magical guy is looking for love.

Summer's winding down around here. It's always sad at this time of year. My aunt is a retired teacher and she still gets that sick feeling in her stomach when she drives by a school at the beginning of a new year. I know what she's feeling. If I was able to homeschool my kids without one of us ending up in a mental ward, I would. On the bright side, I will soon have a regular schedule for work. Yippee!


  1. I hear you. What is it about the start of the school year that brings both enormous angst and mild relief?

    Like you, I would have preferred to home school, but the truth is that none of us would have survived it!


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