Saturday, August 22, 2009


This little fairy is part of a series I'm working on. I love the softness of the sketch.My original plan was to use watercolor with pen and ink. I like the color here, but the softness is gone. Too bad. I was really hoping for the quick style to work. Creating the patterns to go with it would have been so much easier, too.

Here's the color pencil on toned paper technique (my go to style). I've dropped in a scan of paper for the background, then colorized it in Photoshop. The softness is definitely here, but I'm still not quite happy. I feel like the solution is on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite get to it. I need to think on this a bit.

I'd love some feedback on this.


  1. I'm not an artist, so I'll give you a laylady's opinion. I think the puff flower looks very soft, but perhaps the dark features and blunt hairstyle of the girl is what is taking away from the light feeling of the drawing? I do think it's adorable, though!

  2. I think that's a good point! Hadn't noticed it before. Now the hair looks like a helmet to me :-o Thanks.

  3. I love your little fairy sketch - she's so cute :o) I wanted to add that sometimes there's a disconnect between a soft pencil sketch which is just shades of gray, into a color sketch which not only has different hues but different values for each hue. This is where I often fall off from my sketches for murals. I like to look at a b&w sketch I'm happy with then sort of squint, realize where those light and dark areas are then match the intensity or softness in the colors I apply.

    You're so brave and open to put your work out there and ask for input. I need to do this too! It's one of the things I really miss from being in an artist community.

  4. I'm not that brave. I just know it's not what I want and my usual style is not getting me there. Next I'm going to try wc wash over pencil. I'm having fun trying different things. Going through big changes these days. Trying to enjoy the ride.

  5. Both are great, but I am personally a sucker for illustrations created with watercolor with pen and ink textures.


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