Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Loft--Finally!

Here's the before picture.

And here's the after picture. I so love the color!!! I once loved the old color, but had grown tired of it. I wanted something bolder and I got it. You have no idea how much stuff I had to move around to get a clean picture.

And here's another shot of my drawing board. I'd show my desk, but I don't have the time to unbury it first. The gold "curtain" is really a sheet I put up to keep out the heat. I have other plans for that window.


  1. Gorgeous! One of my favorite colors :o) What'd your hubby think?

  2. I love it too!! Hubby isn't saying whether he likes it or not. I'm guessing no, but he's great about letting me do my thing.


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