Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Learning new things

Kiyon has been riding a Ripstick (2 wheeled, rotating scooter or caster board) for a couple of years now. Just this month he started teaching his little brother how to ride. It's amazing how fast kids learn. Now my husband is learning. I hope we have really good insurance!

I've also been picking up some new tricks—collage and mixed media. I have always loved learning new things, especially art related. My brain is filled with things that are only useful when playing Trivial Pursuits. Recently, I found a great local shop, A Work of Heart: Creative Arts Lounge, that offers mixed media and craft workshops. I hope to get a chance to attend one in the near future. In August, they are hosting a workshop with Laurie Mika. I'd love to take that class, but can't manage it at this time. I do plan to get her book and try out her mosaic tile technique.


  1. I was watching some kids ride that the other day and thought it looked pretty fun!!! Maybe you want to have a go at it too?!?! :-)

  2. No way! I'm not riding that thing. I have enough trouble on my own two feet.


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