Monday, May 18, 2009

Illustration Friday—Contagious

I decided to paint this week's Illustration Friday. Remember Chicken Pox? I got to enjoy them at age 29 — fun! I had gone to a women's event where someone brought her infected little beastie. She figured it was all adults, so no worry. Thanks for that!


  1. Great minds thing alike!!! ha!
    I like your version!

  2. Great illo!

    I got them around age 11.

    I was soooo upset that I had to stay home from school! :P

  3. I had em when i was 23, and was extremely ill so I sympathise with you. I was living in shared accomodation so the whole building got em. As you say, fun!
    Lovely illo!

  4. Tom- You didn't want to miss school? That wouldn't of been me.

  5. Yikes...I can't imagine having them as an was bad enough when I was 6! Really cute rendering...I love your technique!

  6. Ouchy itchy spots!!!
    A little calamine might help!

  7. oh man!! he looks like a sick little guy!!
    I had them in kindergarten. Man... nothing like being trapped inside for weeks!

  8. you got them at 29???? that's positively EVIL. but this little chap is really wonderful! :))


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