Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

You all know that today is the first day of Spring, but did you know it's also Persian New Year (NoRooz)? In Iran it is the year 1388. The NoRooz (New Day) celebration is ancient and predates Islam. The year 1388 starts from the year that the Prophet Mohammed emigrated to Medina. 

This is a picture of our Haft-Seen (cloth of seven dishes that begin with the Persian letter seen). This is by no means very authentic. I always procrastinate, then run around trying to gather what we need. I didn't color the egg (just like Easter), I don't have one of the sweets, and the flowers are supposed to be Hyacinths. There are a lot of Persians in this area, so there is a lot of demand for the flowers. You can see what it's supposed to have and find out what each item means here. I added a little "Catholic" to ours with the Virgin Mary and a bible instead of a Koran. We're also supposed to have a goldfish, but I don't need another pet around here.

Tonight we'll have the traditional NoRooz dinner of fish and herbed rice (Sabzeh Polo Mahi) at my mother-in-law's. The kids will receive gifts of new money. I wish I was a kid!

In two weeks we'll celebrate Seezdeh Bedar, 13th day of NoRooz. Everyone goes to the local park, Vasona, to picnic, see folk dancing, and listen to concerts. It's amazing! I always wonder what someone who has no idea what's going on thinks when they enter the park find it transformed into Iran. Can't wait for the kebabs!

There's a great article about NoRooz here.

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