Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Good Day

On Thursday, our local children's book store, Hicklebees, hosted Tomie DePaola. I was so excited. I missed his reading, because the painter was finishing up my family room, but I had a book signed and got to talk to him briefly.

We went to the Exploratorium today with my whole family in honor of Kiyon's birthday. There were so many interesting, hands on exhibits. Wonderful! This disturbing one is in the mind exhibit. This is a never used toilet with clean drinking water. Of course, not many would be brave enough to drink from it. Just the thought of it gave me the willys. My darling children thought it was cool.

I got to remember what it was like to be small again. Remember Lily Tomlin? Can't remember the character's name, though.

There were quite a few inspiring things to look at. Here is bacteria. Beautiful, isn't it?

This was incredibly fine sand falling through holes. The shapes it formed are called tessalations.

I also wanted to send out a big congratulations to Amanda Soule and her family who have just welcomed their 4th child into the world. He's beautiful and you can see him here.


  1. Hi - wasn't her name Edith Ann?

  2. Yes! Thank you, Belle. Now I can stop trying to remember that.

  3. So many things so close to home for me! I know that bookstore! And I really need to get back to the Exploratorium; I'll need to see if I can try that toilet bowl waterfountain! Hahaha!


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