Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ten Things

I was inspired by Soule Mama's post on 10 things she's loving right now, so here's what I'm loving in no particular order.

1. A taste of summer. The last heat wave actually made me happy (keep in mind I don't usually like heat). I felt lazy and relaxed in a good way. It was a taste of the summer to come when my kids are home and free from homework. Just 3 1/2 weeks left. Yeah!

2. How my kids look with a dog in tow. Remember we're dogsitting my parents dog. He jumps into each boy's bed in the morning for a wake up lick. Life is good.

3. Crafting. It's so fun and low pressure. I'm also finding that it's fueling my creativity for my paintings.

4. Experimenting. The last sketch I drew called for a different approach, so I'm experimenting with different methods.

5. Cherries! After 11 years, we finally have what can really be called a "crop" of cherries. We have two trees. I finally realized that the Bing wouldn't produce without a mate. Can you believe no one else in the neighborhood has a cherry tree? I planted another cherry tree (the type escapes me) a few years ago. We've had years with only 3 cherries. Last year the birds got them all. Now I've already picked our first bowl. Yippee! We also have lemons and oranges.

6. Bougainvilla. This wonderful plant requires a lot of pruning, but, boy is it worth it. I can see it from my family room and kitchen. 

7. Trees. I have a thing for trees. We have 10 trees in our backyard alone. Our tiny yard (our whole lot is only 3500 sq. ft.) is full of trees. It's becoming quite the cottage garden.

8. Cottage Living and Home Companion magazines. They fill me with ideas and dreams.

9. Organized pantry. In a sudden burst of energy, I organized my pantry. I smile every time I open it.

10. Tent bed from Target. Josh just had to have this tent bed. It's so cool. That's Macgregor on the quilt my mom made for me.

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