Monday, January 7, 2008

Favorite Blogs & Sketching

Sketching has been so much fun. Why didn't I start this sooner? The secret for me is to let myself off the "perfection" hook. I'm using a small freebie notebook from my husband. It's not at all precious. Also, I've given myself permission to draw a French fry if I want. My hubby's at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), so I took the kids out for lunch. As usual, I finished first and had to wait for them. This time, I had my trusty sketchbook and started to draw their lunch. It was fun and they loved it. They've each started their own book. Yippee!


One of my favorite blogs is DaniDraws. She's compiled a list of her favorite blogs. I'm really excited about quite a few blogs. It's very addicting. I enjoy seeing what others are up to. It's a wonderful thing for one with a solo career.

Here's my list:
Holli Conger, DaniDraws, Genine's Art Blog, Claudine Helmuth, Paige Keiser, Elizabeth Dulemba, Scott Franson, Paula Becker,and last but not least, Paula Pertile. I add more all the time. Check these out and enjoy!


  1. LoL! I love most of those blogs, too! Everyone is just so creative! :) I loved your 'soaring' stamps by the way. :)

  2. Gosh Laura, thanks! I'm honored.

    And I love the French fry. :~)

  3. Wow, I feel honored as well!! Thanks Laura! And fantastic work here! I especially love the pieces that show a little paint texture.


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